A Virginia-based paralegal firm, First Choice Paralegal Group LLC provides support to attorneys and law firms by offering a wide range of paralegal services on an as-needed basis. We work primarily in family law, bankruptcy and civil litigation. We work under the direct supervision of our attorney-clients to produce the highest quality work product while meeting needed deadlines. We work only under the supervision of licensed attorneys. We do not offer legal advice, interpret the law, represent clients in court, or provide support to pro se litigants.

Contract Paralegal Support

For “as needed”, overflow or special projects, contract paralegal support is the solution!

We provide experienced, flexible paralegal support tailored to your individual needs

  •   Do occasional, labor-intensive projects bog you down?
  •   Do you need regular help, but not a full time employee?
  •   Do you need an experienced paralegal to fill in temporarily?

Person overwhelmed by legal work

Contract paralegal support generates PROFIT with no overhead…

  •   16+ years of knowledge and expertise.
  •   Client confidentiality is our highest priority.
  •   Thorough conflict verification of every case.
  •   Work under Attorney direction.
  •   Governed by NALA code of professional conduct.

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Let’s discuss the benefits we can offer you and your firm.

First Choice Paralegal Group, LLC
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Rixeyville, VA 22737

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I have known and worked with Debbie for 20+ years. Her work ethic and work product is exemplary. She sets high standards for herself, always, and it shows in the work that she accomplishes. I give Debbie the highest recommendation possible.<span class="su-quote-cite">Monica Chernin</span>