About First Choice Paralegal Group

For “as needed”, overflow or special projects, contract paralegal support is the solution!

We provide support in family law, bankruptcy, civil litigation, discovery, legal research, witness interviews/preparation, document/trial prep and MORE…

Contract paralegal support generates PROFIT with no overhead…

Pay only for time spent on YOUR cases…

Deborah Baugher has provided paralegal services to me in the area of Family Law multiple times in the past two years. She is expert at drafting legal documents, is very dependable, is a pleasant person with whom to work and has always been the consummate professional. I have known Deborah personally for many years through her work in the legal community and have always found her work product to be of the highest caliber.Mary McDaniel

Company history¬† 

Founded in 2006, this business is most suited for small Legal firms with limited staff and deadlines. Deborah gained her experience and knowledge with several attorneys in the Culpeper, Virginia and surrounding areas. She has developed a strategy which allows her to offer her services to a wider regional area using the latest technologies.

Our commitment

To consistently maintain a high degree of competency and professional integrity in all work performed.

Our goal

To provide you with the highest quality paralegal support, suited to your firm’s specific needs.

Our duty

To safeguard your client’s confidentiality and provide you with the same high level of loyalty, expertise and attention to detail that you expect from a full time employee.

All work is performed in accordance with the Canons of the NALA Code of Ethics and Responsibility.¬†